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Bill Wright[_3_] March 17th 18 03:56 PM
When we had analogue TV and the signal to noise ratio was poor we would say the picture was snowy. When we had satellite TV with FM video and the signal to noise ratio was poor we would say the picture had sparklies. They were white or black. You had to tune the receiver to the midpoint where the white and black were about the same intensity. On modern HD CCTV snow can look like sparkles....
7 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Scott[_2_] March 16th 18 04:39 PM
Why do they use yellow and amber, which seem to me to be very similar? Should they not choose colours that are totally dissimilar, as with electrical cables? Anyone with a visual impairment could be confused.
99 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Martin[_2_] March 16th 18 11:31 AM
http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-17-4781_en.htm -- Martin in Zuid Holland
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Java Jive[_2_] March 15th 18 08:13 PM
http://getyourfox.com/cut-the-cord-with-these-cable-replacing-gadgets/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0N7SiPnu2QIV1T4bCh1CqwmtEAEYASAAEgJQzfD_BwE Comments on a postcard, please, to the Advertising Standards Authority and/or TV Licensing.
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Phi March 14th 18 06:35 PM
I have noticed over the last few years that women reading the weather forecast on the BBC seem to be rising in voice frequency. That skinny one on Look North has a very high pitched voice, to the point of being irritating.
27 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Martin[_2_] March 14th 18 09:08 AM
https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/931480/stephen-hawking-prince-charles-wheelchair-toes-rumour-motor-neurone-disease-als "Stephen Hawking: Why did the renowned physicist run over the toes of Prince Charles?" -- Martin in Zuid Holland
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Brian Gaff March 12th 18 11:56 AM
Is a third party web site where you could get one log in and every program and variant, ie AD etc, could be accessed from it. Surely this should not be hard to do? I'm talking free to air here of course. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
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Brian Gaff March 12th 18 11:54 AM
I have thus far had two accounts set up on the i player site for tv, and since I very seldom actually log in to see bbc stuff, I notice that they appear to have deleted both as my usernames and passwords come up as not valid. i hate sites that do this till in the end you have completely lost the bloody memory of which is the current one! Brian
2 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff March 11th 18 11:07 AM
I was talking to somebody a week or so back who swears their freeview goes blacky and stutters whenever a plane from Heathrow goes over. Now in the good old analogue days you could detect aircraft flutter quite easily, how would you go about it on a digital system. I did not rise to the bait of suggesting I go around as to be honest there would be little I could do. We are after all in a...
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Brian Gaff March 8th 18 05:10 PM
I'm standing at the door talking to somebody on a block of flats in a council estate, they are all called something house wotsit court etc all with names of ex council leaders or smart ass developers. Along comes this guy with a pizza and asks with a slight accident. Is this Basketball court. I look at him, well in his direction and say, now does it look like one, its a block of flats. He...
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David[_14_] March 8th 18 05:04 PM
I'm just starting this process; I've received all the bits and the instructions and am reading through them. First thing; I've been given an SH3 as an upgrade to my original SH. I've read bad things about the SH3 and am reasonably happy with the 160 Mb/sec I currently get from my SH. I could go to 200 Mb/sec with the SH3 but if there are intermittent problems then it may not be worth it....
3 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff March 8th 18 07:25 AM
Has anyone managed to make this do anything sensible? I seem to be able to get bbc 1 and occasionally what is on any channel now or at a certain time, but ask it for a list for tonight it goes off and tells you what it thinks are the best things on, not the complete list or even a few from your favourites list. Most times it completely fouls up saying stuff like there is no channel called...
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Robinhood March 7th 18 07:05 PM
Hi everyone, new to this forum and hope someone can help me.On my Bush DVHRS02 both dvds and vhs have a green cast on playback.New scart lead fitted but no improvement.Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
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[email protected] March 7th 18 10:51 AM
Cannot get any signal on CH31 afterr todays "retune". Happens on two TVs from two separate aeriels. One a wideband, t'other a C/D. Befor retune CH 31 received OK, (e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1 HD). Anyone get anything on CH 31 from Winter Hill. (Before retune CH 31 received OK, e.g 82 Vintage TV and 109 CH 4+1 HD). --
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tony sayer March 7th 18 10:02 AM
In article , Adrian Caspersz scribeth thus On 26/02/18 19:08, Chris Hogg wrote: Has Classic-FM stopped broadcasting down here in West Cornwall? Under the trades descriptions act, under general rules about passing-off and misrepresentation, all stations trading as something-FM on DAB should be immediately renamed to something-DAB instead.
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Adrian Caspersz March 5th 18 10:13 AM
https://www.flickr.com/photos/norbet/14901514886/sizes/o/ :-) (Brian, skit from Viz magazine - Maplin shops approved as wedding chapels) -- Adrian C
14 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] March 5th 18 08:36 AM
Regular readers of my fascinating missives will know that, annoyed by C4 HD leaving Freesat I vowed to add Freeview to my living room equipment. I bought a Humax FVP-5000T 1TB receiver and because I'm incapacitated Paul installed it for me. This was three days ago and so far I'm very impressed by the receiver. Very fast to respond, very user friendly, really good clear graphics. I haven't...
64 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
PeterC March 3rd 18 09:32 AM
Trying to record BBC 1 Look East on Freesat 954 (due to the situation re. Councils in Northants). Selecting Series does nothing; selecting Single is OK, but if I just flick through the days setting this for a week the future schedule disappears after 1 recording is made. This means that I have to set the recording every day. On a Hummy Foxsat HDR. -- Peter.
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Bill Wright[_3_] March 2nd 18 02:13 AM
At the moment the air temperature is well below freezing and there's a bit of wind, so the powdery snow isn't piling up on TV aerials. However if conditions change and the TV aerials get little piles of snow and ice on them reception will be affected. Horizontally polarised aerials are affected far more than VP ones. A few years ago we were inundated with calls about poor or no reception....
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MR March 1st 18 12:58 PM
First Tandy/Radio Shack, and now Maplin. Who next? Currys/PC world. MR
78 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Jeff Layman[_2_] February 28th 18 08:32 PM
According to A516digital, the update today was: "Channel 788 - ITV3 (PSB2/D3&4) Duplicate of service on channel 10, but with increased resolution." Sorry for the ignorance, but what does this mean? Is it likely that other stations will follow? -- Jeff
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] February 25th 18 12:39 PM
I was annoyed about C4HD coming off Freesat because we like to watch 24 Hours in A & E and thought we wouldn't be able to see the gore so clearly in SD. Ages ago Swiss Classic on 13E went onto DVB S2 so my twenty quid box wouldn't relay it into the CCTV distribution anymore. I've decided to kill two or more birds. The Humax Freesat box will be connected to the 13E feed and set to...
75 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Scott[_2_] February 24th 18 05:01 PM
The commentator says the first live TV broadcast of the rugby international was 80 years ago, in 1938. How did they do that? There was only one transmitter (Alexandra Palace) and the match was presumably played at Murrayfield or Twickenham. Would GPO lines be used? Which system was used - Baird or Marconi?
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff February 24th 18 09:32 AM
Another form of transmission is the induction loop, often used by those with hearing aids. I never did figure out quite how these seemed to work quite as well as they did even in quite large aareas. I expected to see some mega wire wound multiple times around the target area, but when I looked it was about as thick as a mains cable going around the area. I know a number of early tvs could...
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Brian Gaff February 23rd 18 05:00 PM
is this to pay Freesat and freeview new hiked costs then? Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff... Blind user, so no pictures please!
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Bill Wright[_3_] February 22nd 18 09:28 AM
http://www.webro.com/ct100-cable/ Interesting anyway. Bill
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Jeff Gaines February 20th 18 08:58 PM
There is an advert for Youview on Mellow Magic which says you need a minimum broadband speed of 2 Megabytes per second. It seemed odd to me since BB speeds are usually specified as Megabits per second. The Youview site says 3 Mbps is required. It seems to me the advert is wrong, any thoughts? -- Jeff Gaines Wiltshire UK
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Mark Carver[_2_] February 20th 18 01:50 PM
.....it would seem from emails being received today by Freesat punters Quote:- "We’re sorry to announce that All 4 and 4HD will be leaving Freesat on Thursday 22nd February, 2018. Channel 4 is still available in standard definition, but any recordings you have scheduled for 4HD will need to be re-set in SD (via channel 104).
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Jim Lesurf[_2_] February 20th 18 09:33 AM
Just to let people know that I have now made freely available a PDF version of the book I wrote mumble years ago on Information and Measurement. Can be obtained from http://jcgl.orpheusweb.co.uk/InformationAndMeasurement_PDF_Book.pdf The explanations use various examples like CD Players, etc, to illustrate the underlaying methods and science. Cheers,
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Brian Gaff February 20th 18 08:50 AM
I was listening to a presentation by a company talking about the various spacecraft supported by their sat nav and they said it was Galileo ready after a software update. Now correct me if I'm wrong but it must be at least a decade ago, these craft were supposed to be going into orbit for the European gps system. Its still not working? Blimey I bet its cost zillions! Brian -- ----- -
66 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff February 15th 18 09:01 PM
I ride in a lot of taxis, and am often amused by the sat nav that many of the non English drivers seem to use. In the country they are fine, but in the built up towns you often get them missing turns and all sorts. One guy said to me in a broken English, I blame all this satellite TV for interfering with them. I did think about trying to explain how the two would not affect each other but...
125 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Eddie King[_2_] February 11th 18 09:08 AM
Hi all, my trusty Topfield seems to be on its way out. Despite having refurbished the PSU a while back it crashed yesterday loosing all programm data. The recordings on disk weren't affected. Now my question, if I get a refurbished Humax HDR1100S will I be able to download the recordings stored on HDD via USB to another PC in order to convert to mpg/mp4?
9 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
PeterC February 11th 18 07:15 AM
The Humax Foxsat HDR has stopped recording anything unless started manually. The info. on a programme is OK in the EPG and Media list but is haywire for the 'live' programme, being several hours out and for the programme at that time. Ive tried a hard reboot but that's done nothing. Any ideas please? -- Peter. The gods will stay away whilst religions hold sway
32 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Chris Green February 9th 18 08:20 PM
Programs (as opposed to adverts) on Drama (Channel 20, Freeview) don't display full screen on our system. We have a pretty standard LG TV with a Humax PVR. It's not just too tall or too wide, there's a black band all round the displayed picture. So, even if preserving the screen proportions the picture could be displayed larger. Is this normal or is something configured wrong?
16 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Pinnerite February 9th 18 10:01 AM
Right now we have a mix of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Currently marketed are 4K televisions with amazing images. We can stream 4K from commercial sources provided we are prepared to pay for the fibre-optic connection and streaming source. Is that it for broadcast TV or is there currently any research currently seeking to squeeze more out of the available bands? (Just...
43 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Davey February 9th 18 01:01 AM
Having been flummoxed again by the inability of my Linux PC to access All4, I saw the current ad. for refurbished Humax boxes. The most suitable for me is £117, the FVP-4000T. I then wondered about using a streaming stick instead, Google or Roku or whatever, about which I know very little. Searching for information, I am still confused, so maybe somebody here can help. I am sure that I am not...
21 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Andy Burns[_12_] February 8th 18 07:37 PM
OK, so it's a long time since the BBC news channel was called News24, but there are now less than 11 hours of programmes per day on BBC News that aren't shared with other BBC channels 06:00 - 09:00 Breakfast 09:00 - 11:00 Victoria Derbyshire 11:00 - 12:00 Newsroom Live 13:00 - 13:30 News at One 18:00 - 18:30 News at Six 19:00 - 19:30 Beyond 100 Days
4 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Ian Jackson[_7_] February 7th 18 10:32 AM
The BBC have introduced a new, improved style of presenting the weather. On their website, there no longer appears to be a proper 'Jack Scott' weather map (Surface Pressure Chart), as per https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/surface-pressure/#?tab=surfa cePressureColour&fcTime=1517918400 Is it there somewhere, and I can't find it - or do the BBC feel that nobody was interested? --
20 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] February 6th 18 09:14 PM
Could Sony TV owners please check (EPG) channels 107 to 111. If there's no reception could you note the transmitter if known (or your rough location) and the time, and post the info here? I'm wondering if other transmitters are involved. Bill
28 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Dean Jackson February 4th 18 11:25 PM
Eastbourne historian and author Michael Hymans has penned a new book on the history of the railway in the south https://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/lifestyle/nostalgia-eastbourne-author-s-new-book-charts-rail-network-through-the-south-1-8355192 D.J.
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff February 4th 18 08:32 AM
Seems to me that these automated tv stations with pre recorded continuity are only as good as the person who checks them. So often the wrong announcment goes out, such as a plug for a show including its time at the end of the show itself, making it bleedin obvious its canned. Grr. Brian --
13 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Chris Holmes January 30th 18 12:02 PM
That’s what my mentor said..... We recently had a coax outlet installed “Professionally” My wife said “Why doesn’t the TV work?” I laughted (we had just watched a programme, but apparently that was via IPlayer). So, I went and took the loft ladder down and did various continuity tests, etc and THOUGHT I’d found a problem with the coax outlet (perhaps I should have tried a...
23 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Graham.[_12_] January 30th 18 12:31 AM
I will be overhauling my aerials when the weather gets a bit warmer and I was wondering, after the 700MHz band clearance and move downwards, what group of aerial to use rather than the C/D one I have now that is already sub-prime. We were promised a new grouping scheme optimised for the post 800Mhz clearance, did the manufactures deliver this? What about the even smaller band we are about to...
9 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff January 29th 18 04:15 PM
Seems to me that the bit rate of many sound tracks on freeview channels are getting far worse than before, including obvious artifacts of low bit rates and the phase distortions you hear in mp3s recorded at 128kbits a sec or less. There seems to be a race for the bottom going on, not just in the sort of rubbish we are offered but the transmission quality as well. its all part of the losing...
27 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] January 28th 18 12:40 AM
On 27/01/2018 15:48, Ian Jackson wrote: Regardless of whether it's a bandpass or bandstop, the most important requirement of any filter is that it should adequately reject the signals you that DON'T want, rather than to pass the signals you DO want. Err well... Excessive through loss can lead to additional amplification which probably, in moderation, isn't too much of a problem. However I...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
NY January 27th 18 09:00 PM
My wife wanted me to move the telly to a new position further away from the aerial socket. I happened to have a 10m aerial lead (with moulded-on Belling Lee plugs) but I found that reception was very poor: the signal strength gauge on the TV's tuning menu was noticeably lower and the signal quality (how ever that is calculated!) was also lower, and almost non-existent for COM7 and COM8....
32 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff January 27th 18 04:45 PM
In case anyone is wondering. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff... Blind user, so no pictures please!
11 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] January 26th 18 07:24 PM
Anyone else got problems NOW with Freeview channels 107, 108, 109, 110? Bill
10 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] January 25th 18 05:53 PM
Today the GI was increased from 1/128 to 1/16 on muxes 7 and 8. GI is guard interval. It’s been increased today from 1/128 to 1/16 so they can operate single frequency networks because of the shortage of channels starting in March when we lose channels above 49. It appears that some but not all Sonys are now blind to mux 7 and there are also problems with some Panasonics. Thanks Mark...
69 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff January 25th 18 07:54 AM
is this thing on. I came across an old radio show the other day called the starlings. It seemed to be mostly done by the Goons so is quite old and the one thing I remember was that when anything went wrong the engineer with the golden screwdriver was called to sort it out. It seems to revolve around the doings of a fictitious council attempting to rid the pest of the starlings pooping all...
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 06:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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