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Scott[_2_] December 7th 16 08:30 PM
We were talking about this at the office this morning. At one time certain patterns involving stripes were banned on TV because they caused blurring of the picture. Was this an analogue artifact or does it affect digital also? Does it affect HD as well as SD?
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Nightjar December 7th 16 09:01 AM
On 06-Dec-16 8:43 AM, Richard wrote: "Nightjar" wrote in message ... On 06-Dec-16 2:07 AM, Bill Wright wrote: On 06/12/2016 00:45, Dave Plowman (News) wrote: Just watched HIGMNFY tonight. No wonder you are so annnoyed. Your party getting taken to the cleaners at every turn.
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Rod Speed December 6th 16 08:14 PM
"RayL12" wrote in message ... On 06/12/2016 2:02 AM, Bill Wright wrote: On 05/12/2016 21:25, Tim Lamb wrote: In message , Bill Wright writes On 05/12/2016 09:54, Tim Lamb wrote: In message , Brian Gaff writes Black chicken?
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Scott[_2_] December 6th 16 07:18 PM
Both BBC One and BBC Two were running two minutes late at 10 pm last night. How could this happen?
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Pinnerite December 4th 16 10:14 PM
I had been struggling to deploy a computer program called Kaffeine 2.0.5 because that version supposedly could process DVB-T2 (HD) signals. However I couldn't test it because its channel search routine seemed to find and list everything from Berlin to Hanoi but not UK channels. Finding no help on the wwww I finally wrote to the developer, receiving the following reply a couple of days ago.
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Martin[_2_] December 4th 16 01:23 PM
Yesterday evening we got the message that Humax intended to turn off the PVR to save power because I had been using Freesat for 3 hours. It turns out that not only does the current Humax PVR turn off subtitles, but that it also turns on Power Saving mode. -- Martin in Zuid Holland
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Brian Gaff December 4th 16 11:51 AM
No not some kind of bit hippie, its the tendency for feeds to radio and tv transmitters to be far worse than in the good old analogue days as the word glitch had never been invented. It seems to me listening to freeview radio and dab the momentary drop out sometimes accompanied by a he squeak is pretty common and not the fault of the receiver. Its obviously mostly in the feed as even with...
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Pinnerite December 2nd 16 04:24 PM
We have been gradually clearing out our attic. I am a terrible hoarder. Today I reached a couple of cardboard boxes containing all the built and partly built radios and gadgets that have followed me through my life. I'll bet the tuning capacitor with the 1/4" shaft came from my first crystal set. There are small boards with Hivac numicators on the end, the AM radio with ferrite rod aerial...
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Chris J Dixon December 2nd 16 10:32 AM
My new Samsung TV UE43KU6000 has no analogue sound output for my existing hi-fi system. There seem to be a number of very similar looking converter boxes available, of which this is one of the cheapest: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Optical-Coaxial-Toslink-Converter/dp/B0148KYD0U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1480669932&sr=8-3&keywords=digital+to+analogue+tv+audio+converter There is then rather a...
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Brian Gaff December 1st 16 10:12 PM
If panasonics latest models of tvs still have the spoken menus and program guide muchvaunted a couple of years ago, or has this become a casualty of their outsourcing cheapskate backtracking ? At present the only brand of TV I know has it is Samsung. and personally I feel all tvs should have this as standard. its really not much to ask and we are an aging population after all. Brian --
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Kenny December 1st 16 12:08 PM
Sony branded TDG-BT500A are nearly 50 per single pair. Cheaper brands of TDG-BT500A can be bought on Amazon or Ebay at 27 for 2 pairs. Will there be much difference between them? Kenny Cargill
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David Wade[_2_] November 29th 16 10:39 AM
Folks, I have one of the Talk Talk badged YouView boxes with twin tuner and HD recorder. As I have BT it seems to have turned itself into a BT YouView box, but until recently it worked fine. However its now gone very slow so for example pressing guide results in a delay of several seconds, and changing channels has become fun (not)!. The Help - About says its a Huawei model...
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Phi November 28th 16 02:52 PM
Twice recently I have tried to order a Sony smart TV listed by Amazon for next day delivery, but it is eventually not available. The latest delivery date now is 21st December so I had to cancel. Argos, Hughes and Richersounds have the TV, but only for in store collection.
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David[_14_] November 27th 16 05:46 PM
Hunkered down in bed last night watching some Channel 4 On Demand; working my way through the 2016 UK Rally Series. Wired Gigabit Ethernet in the bedroom has its advantages. When I was on about my 4th episode I got an on-screen prompt telling me that I hadn't used the box controller for 3 hours and did I want to power down or stay on. I wasn't aware that I was using my obvious psychic...
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F Murtz November 26th 16 10:11 AM
Don't know if UK has similar systems to us in Australia My digital tv reception is shot to hell, They have put an NBN fixed cellular broadband tower a few hundred metres from my house in Couridjah,I do not know if it is up and running yet(the FTTN is not ready yet although it seems to be all in) I wonder if they are testing the tower and 4G is causing my tv reception problem
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Kenny November 25th 16 11:35 PM
Can they wirelessly display a laptop, tablet or phone on the TV screen? Kenny Cargill
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[email protected] November 22nd 16 09:49 AM
So "Author" blew down our TV antenna and we've had to resort to an indoor portable antenna until its fixed. Curiously not a single HD channel now works on my Humax box, yet most of the SD channels are perfectly ok. I live in London so I presume both are broadcast from Crystal Palace so I can only assume either that: 1) HD is broadcast at a lower power than SD or 2) The error correction on HD...
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Davey November 22nd 16 01:14 AM
At about lunchtime, the ITV channels broadcast from Tacolneston were almost totally unwatchable, mostly stationary pixellated screens, with the occasional change. Later in the afternoon, BBC1 went the same way for a short time. I assume this was weather-related, wind and rain being prominent at the time. Now all is peaceful and visible, but the winds are building again. --- Davey.
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Phi November 21st 16 01:47 PM
Whilst it was buffering, I started another instance of Firefox to check connection speed and It returned a value of 40Mb/sec. I suppose it must be the weather.
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Brian-Gaff November 20th 16 12:27 PM
Is there an easy to mount good long lasting log periodic out there these days? I need one for somebody, and am a bit out of touch. Brian -- From the Sofa of Brian Gaff Reply address is active Remember, if you don't like where I post or what I say, you don't have to read my posts! :-)
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Brian Gaff November 18th 16 08:32 AM
That in one of the afore mentioned shared spaces somebody tried to bring a flock of sheep through but they just went everywhere and caused a lot of problems. Its weird that these things still occur as pictures in my mind even though I cannot see. It would be really great if one could actually record dreams and share them on Youtube. Probably more entertaining then watching stage managed...
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Brian Gaff November 16th 16 12:56 PM
What exactly is the point of attempting to mix pedestrians, cyclists drivers disabled and blind people together? I have been told by a friend that these parts of towns are disliked by most users. Drivers because its stressful watching out for people who are deaf, blind listening to headphones, riding bikes etc. Cyclists as they are not sure where to ride as they get shouted at by both...
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Brian Gaff November 15th 16 08:26 AM
What is the sudden interest in the moon, its been going around the earth in a not very circular manner fo many years now and I can recall a day in the 80s when it was supposed to be bigger. Being on a breakwater inthe canaries at the time, the moon always looks bigger there as it rises over the see, and cannot say anyone noticed any difference. Now this being Britain, not may people saw it...
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Bill Wright[_3_] November 13th 16 08:01 PM
Marr gave us a sort of 'health warning' before the le Pen interview, because she's 'far right'. No such warning before the Corbyn interview about him being 'far left'. Marine le Pen was pestered about her father's 30-year-old comments about the Holocaust. Corbyn on the other hand, wasn't even asked about the Labour Party's current anti-Semitism.
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MikeS November 12th 16 06:06 PM
Does anyone know where to find an authoritative explanation of how the Freesat+ EPG operates? I have long assumed that the EPG data is broadcast by satellite and has links to either the live satellite channels or the Internet URLs for the various servers supplying on demand and catchup services. Recently someone claimed on the Digital Spy forums that "the on demand services are provided by...
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Brian Gaff November 12th 16 11:18 AM
What is going on on the radio channels of freeview. the audio levels are all over the place recently, and most are louder than any of the TV sound channels, but RNIB connect, which is only handled in mono on Freeview seems to be much louder than all the others. People have told them many times but they claim there is no way they can change it It sounds better on the internet, but the...
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R. Mark Clayton[_2_] November 11th 16 06:35 PM
On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 21:30:05 UTC+1, pinnerite wrote: Jim Lesurf wrote: Some here may have an interest in the history of UK Hi-Fi. With that in mind I'm posting this to draw attention to the UK Hi-Fi History Society website. The main webpage is at http://www.torrens.org.uk/ukhhsoc/ But the main area of public interest at present is the 'Audio Documents'
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pinnerite November 11th 16 12:19 AM
I have been having a variety of problems with kaffeine 2.0.x on both kubuntu 16.10 and Mageia 6. I would like to compare notes with other users. -- Mageia 5 for x86_64, Kernel:4.4.16-desktop-1.mga5 KDE version 4.14.5 on an AMD Phenom II X4 Black edition.
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Kenny November 10th 16 10:51 AM
New Sony Android TV, unbranded wireless keyboard and mouse. Eventually got keyboard to work but the mouse does nothing, any suggestions apart from the bin? Kenny Cargill
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Bill Wright[_3_] November 9th 16 07:43 PM
Quotes from a recent CCTV trade flier: Start quotes A solid copper centre core as copper is better conductor of electricity and signals than gold! So go for copper conductors. Aluminium is only 61% as effective as copper. Cheap cable such as CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) and CCS (Copper Clad Steel) - Cheaper but in reality a false economy. CCA is around 61%
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Phi November 9th 16 06:05 PM
With a small screen in HD on Windows 10
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Brian Gaff November 9th 16 05:05 PM
This Us Election stuff is worse than football for pundits who have no clue why everyone voted in a bombastic awkward bigoted idiot into the white House, its obvious, the wanted to stick two fingers up at the rest of the politicians by landing them with an insufferable person to try and work with. Maybe now we can have that none of the above on ballot papers over here. if we had that here...
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Bill Wright[_3_] November 7th 16 08:06 PM
I've just watched John Snow's report from the US. Utter total one-sided bias against Trump. Staggeringly one-sided. Now Dispatches are on about the housing shortage. They mention that it's partly due to the 'massive population increase' but they don't say why the population has increased. Bill
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pinnerite November 7th 16 11:58 AM
I am currently with TalkTalk and have been for many years. I am about half a mile from the exchange and my broadband service is not bad. I just did tests with three different testers. On average I get typically download speeds of 12 Mb/s and upload of 1.47 Mb/s. However I am paying: Broadband & phone £20 Line rental £17.70 Plus 'other call' around £5.00
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Brian Gaff November 7th 16 08:21 AM
I think it should be. At the moment there are so many devices that either due to poor design or the way they operate, which pollute the airwaves that its a scandal Back in the old days we just had badly suppressed cars and motors, arcing insulators on pylons, some TVs that kicked out harmonics from internal oscillators, and welders. These could be off or not affecting very many people and...
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Roderick Stewart[_3_] November 5th 16 09:43 PM
BBC4 HD on Channel 106 from Winter Hill and a few other HD channels showing "No signal". Everything else seems OK. Is anyone else getting this or is there a re-tune that I've missed? Rod.
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Dave W November 4th 16 03:01 PM
I have one of these, sold by Argos, but actually made by Vestel, chassis T7655. My question is - what is "Archive" meant to do? When I go through the process of archiving a recording, it starts by asking for a title etc., then when I press Play to start it off, the recording plays at normal speed (but it's not just a normal play because it can't be fast forwarded). When finished the screen...
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Bill Wright[_3_] November 3rd 16 03:04 PM
The Sony kitchen tv had no reception of about 15 channels including sky news this morning. Retune, no better. Check signal with analyser. Power cycle, retune, everything except ch52 mux. Manual tune, puts sky news on 844. Move it to 132. This is a telly of course that was made at a time when it was thought digital wouldn't catch on. Put kettle on. Bill
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Jeff Layman[_2_] November 3rd 16 08:43 AM
I have a Panasonic "smart" TV. It has proved particularly useful for keeping my grandson entertained with Thomas the Tank Engine videos and the like on YouTube. However, using the remote to select videos by keying in the name using the navigation arrows was a nuisance. So I decided to get a mini wireless...
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Paul D Smith[_2_] November 2nd 16 11:18 AM
If anyone else wants an old TV to work on, a shop in Enfield, N.London, has an old RCA Victor in their showroom. There's at least one knob missing though and I've not been in to see what state it's actually in. It's another 'very round screen' set similar to the one that was gracing this group last week. Paul DS.
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Brian Gaff November 2nd 16 09:28 AM
I don't think the quality of recording was up to it in those days, so nothing could be understood. I have a recording of Shirley Bassey at the Talk of the Town, which has quite a lot of background noise as well, but not as much yacking. anyone remember the Bee Gees being on there. That was the performance where their sister was drafted in instead of Robin who was in the drying out clinic,...
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NY November 1st 16 11:13 AM
With the clocks going back last weekend and everyone moaning about how dark it was driving home in the evening, I started to think. Why is it that the hours of the traditional office working day, 9 AM to 5 PM, were chosen to be asymmetric about noon? If they'd chosen 8 to 4 instead, the mornings and evenings would get dark equally - assuming that 12 noon is the point when the sun is highest...
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The Other John[_2_] October 31st 16 04:07 PM
On several occasions recently during the local news when they cut from a recorded insert back to the newsreader the first few words they say can't be heard then the rest is OK. Do they have separate sound and vision mixers (human) and the sound person has slow reactions or is it an electronic fault? Or could it be my Panasonic PVR loses audio sync and blanks it on certain video cuts? ...
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Charles F[_2_] October 31st 16 08:36 AM
Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else is getting problems with freeview at present. We are in Farnham Surrey, and use Crystal Palace TX as that's the best of the available options . Although we are right on the edge of the service area freeview is normally rock solid, with the exception of BBC4HD, which is a lower power mux. At present though all muxes are showing occasional blocking, to...
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Phi October 31st 16 03:51 AM
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Andy Burns[_12_] October 30th 16 09:30 AM
Did someone forget to wind the hands on the DAB transmitters?
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David[_13_] October 29th 16 09:29 PM
I had series recording for both the live and highlights programmes for F1 on C4 on my Virgin Tivo. This week I noticed that Practice 1 and Practice 2 were on More4 not C4, so I added (I thought) another series link for the Live recording on More4. However this seems to have cleared the series link for the C4 show and I now seem to have lost 3rd practice and qualifying. This suggests that,...
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DerekF[_2_] October 28th 16 11:05 PM
My wife has been recording Goodnight Sweetheart on the Yesterday channel using the Humax YouView box. For the past few days the recording started at 21.07 instead of 21.20 and finished at 21.45 instead of 22.00. It doesn't normally get its programmes in a twist. Derek
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Andy Burns[_12_] October 27th 16 08:20 PM
How long has C4 required signing into an account to watch catchup on a smartTV? Do they honestly think anyone gives them useful details?
7 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff October 27th 16 08:55 AM
Has one of those old analogue Video sender devices, as up in the 800Mhz area I can often hear some sound from various sources, sometimes its foreign sounding tv, sometimes one of the Sky channels or a movie. I would assume whe this is illegal and may be interfered with by digital transmissions at some time in the fuuture. I wonder if they realise others can hear it. Not heard any video...
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 06:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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