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[email protected] Today 10:14 AM
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0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Martin[_2_] September 27th 16 08:39 AM
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/27/bbc-iplayer-will-have-password-controls-from-next-year/ -- Martin in Zuid Holland
79 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
tony sayer September 26th 16 01:14 PM
http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/moel-y-parc- transmitting-station--11936300 -- Tony Sayer
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
NY September 26th 16 11:03 AM
There are various cases (eg A Family at War) where a series that was normally made in colour has some episodes that were made in black and white due to a technicians' strike. Would the programme have been made using the normal colour cameras and edited on the normal VTRs, but converted to monochrome as a protest when the master was made? Or did the strike-breaking technicians actually have...
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 26th 16 08:06 AM
I understand a leaked memo said they need more ethnic minority reporters as the percentage of ethnic minorities watching Look North has dipped to 37 percent. Maybe its just that their programme is crap of course, did they think of that? Grin. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
12 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 25th 16 08:48 AM
Is component tv/audio like we used to get for hi fi. I was reminded of this when I heard an advert by Samsung for their new range of TVs, all, apparently, having a nice voice on the menus and program guide to help the older person and those with poor sight use them. Ah the old grey pound wheeze again you see. I can only applauded them for it of course, but I got to thinking when I poked...
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 24th 16 12:52 PM
.....between two doses of Keith Richards' lost weekend on BBC4 today (sat)
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
BobC[_3_] September 23rd 16 08:06 PM
Euronews seems top have disappeared from Freesat. I note that the Freesat Website no longer shows it as in their "News" lineup. No announcement, just disappeared. -- BobC ==========
19 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Adrian Caspersz September 20th 16 06:18 PM
I've just noticed a few entertainment shows (like Pointless, Dragon Den etc...) feature surround sound. Why? -- Adrian C
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 17th 16 05:50 PM
If you look at I player for bbc 1 and 2 you find an awful lot of the same things on both at different times. Seems to me that unless they have something to fill three channels, getting rid of the repeats and using the space for the bbc4 stuff would be a good idea. They could then use the extra bandwidth during the evening for something else like making local radio into stereo, perhaps. At...
26 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Peter Crosland September 14th 16 09:25 PM
I notice that flash is no longer needed for BBC sites. Long overdue. -- Peter Crosland Reply address is valid
18 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Woody[_5_] September 13th 16 07:47 PM
Looks like my Televes miniKom that I have used without problem for maybe a decade or more has given up the ghost. May just be the PSU but in case not..... Can anyone recommend a half decent low gain distro amp with F connectors and possibly separate UHF/FM/DAB inputs and 6 outputs preferably one at full gain. 6dB gain per output port will be more than enough. I am 28 miles from Emley and...
4 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Tim+[_4_] September 13th 16 07:26 PM
Our Humax HDR Fox T2 has taken to always showing the red button channel when turned on in the evening. This is particularly puzzling as it's set to NOT power down at night at the moment and I would expect it to just show the last channel viewed the previous evening. I am running the custom firmware but this is set to power up on channel 101. Any thoughts?
2 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 13th 16 12:08 PM
The BBC fell 10m short of the amount of money required to keep The Great British Bake Off, BBC News understands. The corporation is thought to have offered 15m per year to keep the programme on the BBC. That would have been double the amount the BBC currently pays for the show and its sister programmes such as An Extra Slice and the Sport Relief specials.
42 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Paul D Smith[_2_] September 12th 16 04:11 PM
Umm, I wonder if a nefarious TV show could send you a tone that kills your PVR. Perhaps embedded in an advert for the latest new PVR from insert manufacturer as a way to boost sales? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37337868
17 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Jeff Layman[_2_] September 12th 16 01:10 PM
Other than a short report on a single day's results, I can't find anything on the BBC text service about the paralympics in Rio. No medal table, for example. Maybe it's because it's Channel Four who are reporting on the Paralympics, rather than the Beeb, but why, when the Beeb went overboard with umpteen Red Button channels for the Olympics, and had pages of results on text, is there...
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_13_] September 12th 16 11:42 AM
I am in the process of buying a new TV from Richer Sounds. Their phone based customer service is awesome; I rang on branch to check the dimensions but the queue was quite long so I rang another branch. The guy who answered the phone nipped onto the shop floor and measured the TV for me. I happily placed the order on line. A few minutes later the original store rang me back; they had noted...
12 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
A.N.Other September 9th 16 10:41 PM
Hi all, I usually record C4HD on my PC via WinTV and a DVB-S2 card. For some reason, after the latest re-tune, I seem to have gained C5HD and S4CHD, but have lost C4HD. Has there been some kind of change recently? I have done re-tunes aweek apart, but it's still missing and am not sure how to proceed. TIA for any advice.
9 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Ward[_2_] September 9th 16 08:52 AM
Can a PVR, VCR or TV be upgraded by having a new tuner fitted? -- Bill.
22 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Andrew Rowland[_2_] September 7th 16 08:44 PM
Been to a couple of houses recently surrounded on all sides by tall trees. One in particular was very keen to get Sky and we spent some time looking for locations where a dish might be able to peer through a small gap in the foliage. I used an inclinometer app on my phone, but found it next to impossible to hold it steady at 23.1° while sighting along it to see if we were looking at sky or...
47 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 5th 16 07:14 PM
Charging up lorries to ~10kV to repel boarders.
204 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 4th 16 03:58 PM
2 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 4th 16 10:29 AM
Now that phones and tablets have re established the great idea of clients for making things easier to access, sorry they now call them apps,but still they are bespoke programs to access certain things or automate some tasks. So when will we see a universal client for windows that allows one to play all the channels content from their we sites with just the same interface? That should have...
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 4th 16 10:23 AM
On the bbc I player it seems a bit pointless to just ask if you have a licence and ticking yes allows you to watch stuff. Who is going to click no, honestly? Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
134 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
The Other John[_2_] September 2nd 16 04:21 PM
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37257138 Why is this 'breaking news' not in English? -- TOJ.
30 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 2nd 16 02:40 PM
A few days ago when we had that really very hot weather and a few half hearted attempts at rain. my scanning radio on mose vhf and uhf frequencies was producing ticking noises that got faster as the rain fell faster. I understand this is static rain but just what is discharging to what and if its that charged why do not we get lightening instead? I've often pondered this. Back in the old...
9 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Mr Pounder Esquire August 31st 16 07:51 PM
A while ago we were given a Logic 22" LED TV. The guy who gave it to us said that it belong to his mother and it was not switching on. She bought a new one. I plugged it in and it worked fine. She did not want it back. The wife is not too good and has been watching this telly in bed. She goes to bed early :-( I watch very little telly. She insists that the power to the telly is turned off on...
30 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi August 30th 16 04:08 PM
1 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] August 30th 16 02:27 AM
I watched the Country Bus programme tonight. It was very good. The bus went up Swaledale and then across Buttertubs to Hawes, and then further up Wensleydale. There was one mystery. All the way through Hawes the camera was on the driver, so apart from a few shop fronts whizzing past we didn't see Hawes at all. This seems very strange because the buildings around the market place are very...
55 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Graham.[_12_] August 29th 16 02:41 PM
Why couldn't they have got authentic telephones? https://www.flickr.com/gp/g3zvt/DHs6L1 Mrs Slocome's is clearly a prop-man's mash-up. I thought Mr Granger's looked like something I had seen before, but the hookswitch would have to defy gravity. https://www.flickr.com/gp/g3zvt/DHs6L1
28 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_13_] August 29th 16 01:09 PM
I'm looking for a TV for our motor home; the current Sony has suffered a plastic failure around the bracket mount at the back. If this is not easy to repair then it will be relegated to in house using the stand and replaced by new. I've looked up the specs and it was only 720p and DVB-T but we have had it a good few years. I'm looking for a replacement at around the same size (I think I...
10 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] August 27th 16 12:15 PM
Sky had a still picture and a witness report of the M20 bridge collapse 25 minutes before the BBC showed anything. Sky also had video just a few minutes after the still picture. I wonder if people are now think of Sky rather than the BBC when they are a witness at a dramatic event. Hmm... Bill
222 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] August 26th 16 02:23 AM
I've just spent some time renaming files. The file names can have more than eight characters now, can't they? Bill
38 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Nancy[_2_] August 24th 16 05:22 PM
Hi! I have an iMac 27/5K running El Capitan connected to a Sony STR-DN1040 receiver and to a Samsung Big-Screen TV via HDMI to watch HD movies and listen to music and although I achieved very good Video & Audio but I´m not sure about the correct iMac HDMI settings. Videos and audio files are playing through VLC player, but El Capitan Audio MIDI setup (via Audio MIDI Setup app in...
0 uk.tech.tv.video.pvr Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
Max Demian August 24th 16 10:40 AM
Has anyone managed to tune into BBC Four HD on Freeview channel 106 since the Olympics? It's said to have 'moved' (I think back to COM7): my Sony TV, which usually updates itself, doesn't have a channel 106, but it does have CBeebies HD (which timeshares with BBC Four HD) on channel 124. I want to make sure it's really there before I attempt to retune my Humax Fox.
41 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Graham.[_12_] August 23rd 16 08:25 PM
I've saw a 1949 vintage Cossor model 916 in an antiq^H^H^H^H^HJunk shop window and I am thinking of buying it as a restoration project. I have already downloaded the circuit, and some ideas for a generating 405 line pictures. It appears that Kat Manton off http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum did some work on this about 10 years ago and achieved what many thought was impossible; a PC based...
12 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Vir Campestris August 22nd 16 08:44 PM
We're 25 miles or so from the transmitter (Sandy). Near us there are some that are almost at out height - and with trees on them. We've had some problems with signal dropout - and my wife suspects it's on windy days. So it's probably the trees messing with the signal... Is there anything we can do short of building a mast ourselves, or taking a chainsaw to an entire hilltop? Andy
39 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Dave W August 22nd 16 02:59 PM
I just noticed in the current Radio Times that Dave Ja Vue is now 79 instead of last week's 84. So I did a rescan - some new channels popped up, but nothing of note. Most numbers are unaffected. -- Dave W
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
[email protected] August 21st 16 10:11 AM
I had the same problem, I can't even find them on the Apple App Store as I tried to reload the App. Has anyone got an answer please?
2 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff August 21st 16 07:02 AM
What is it with stations on DAB they get a slot they last maybe a few months to a year, then suddenly vanish without any notice. Jack and Jack 2 seem to have done this. The former of these used to break the mould and play stuff from all sorts of artists, as they put it, we play what we want. Quit entertaining I found. Also of course more messing about on Freeview means that My 5 is now...
39 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Woody[_5_] August 19th 16 07:20 PM
Does anyone know what the BBC is using for links back to the UK? When doing live interviews with reporters out there the delay seems very short so I would assume not satellite. Fibre? Also, can someone explain to me why they had to send local reporters (i.e. Tayna Arnold* from Look North Leeds)? *On CIN one year Harry Gration said 'and now over to Tanya in Sheffield..' and the subtitle came...
7 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi August 18th 16 05:16 PM
Don't be alarmed if you can't get access to ITV channels from 9.30 am on Saturday, as they're going off air for a very good reason. For one hour, the broadcaster is turning off ALL of its seven channels in a bid to shift us from our sofas. Instead, they're hoping that we go and exercise to celebrate the Rio Olympics - and that's exactly the message that those who tune into the channels will...
26 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff August 18th 16 06:51 AM
It seems that the broadcasters renown pretty lax with their start times. I often put reminders on my box to allow me to switch even a new thing I want is about to start, but of late the thing has already started by the time I hear the reminder, or its the other way around of course. So you either miss both end of one and start of second or have time o kill or any variation of those. It...
19 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Seymour Prat August 16th 16 05:51 PM
I thought the BBC's presentation of the beam events were very poor.
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Jim Lesurf[_2_] August 15th 16 11:03 AM
I've started experimenting with using the hvfhd method for fetching HD video from the iplayer. (Using gip.) This seems to work quickly and well except for one problem. The files I get are 1280x720 image size, as was the case for when I used older methods. But the video is now 50fps rather than 25fps. Some of the files play OK with VLC as normal. But others produce no sound output. ffmprobe...
20 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
NY August 14th 16 09:45 PM
A bit of a long shot... I have a Super 8 home movie which was converted to an AVI file. However every third frame is a merger of fields from two adjacent frames, so if the frames in the original film were numbered 1 2 3 4 5 etc then the video has 1, 2, 3+4, 4, 5, 6+7, 7, 8, 9+10, etc. I want to remove the combined frames from the AVI file. I've found some software (Prism, by NCH) which can...
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Me August 14th 16 05:40 PM
Can anyone help? I want to put up some pix on the web from my Box/Dropbox accounts which I can then link to. I've seen it done in this group but each time I try it gives access to the entire account, not just the pix. I'm obviousy doing something wrong but what? Baffled, Bristol.
12 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
NY August 13th 16 08:32 AM
https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1596067/british-bus-driver-refused-job-and-told-firm-are-hiring-romanians-only/ Stand back and light blue touch paper. I think Bill may self-combust :-) I thought discrimination acts made it illegal to advertise for (or make apparent to applicants during the recruitment process) that you want someone from a specific ethnic background or of a specific gender. If...
14 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Ward[_2_] August 11th 16 02:08 PM
I'm looking for a Funai Combo VCR/DVD before they depart this world. Funai seem not to have a place in the UK market now. http://funai.eu/hdd-dvd/wd6d-m100,id-30 Would the model from Germany work straight out of the box in the UK with a continental adapter? http://tinyurl.com/zn7yvyq I have a Toshiba RD-XV48DTKB that chews up tapes and the recorded picture on its HD is very poor. Bill.
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Mick IOW August 10th 16 09:23 PM
Hi all, I am sorry if I have asked this before, only I am still confused about this? I have a SAMSUNG UE49KU6670 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 49" TV, with two Humax recorder boxes connected. When the 2nd recorder a HDR-FOX T2 is set for a scheduled recording it, switches the TV, to it. When we used Scart leads we could remove the pin 8 and this would stop
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 05:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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