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Bob Latham Today 08:55 AM
Can you use a splitter as a combiner? I have a couple of Taylor TD2-4F splitters which I've turned around and used as combiners in different parts of my aerial system. I've recently had a new aerial fitted and the installer was quite put out by this telling me you can't do this, a splitter cannot be used as a combiner. He went on to point out that it was labelled with one "in" and two "out".
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Bill Wright[_3_] January 20th 18 06:42 PM
He's tracking some small beast using what appears to be a three element yagi (with a stub matcher on the driven element.) It looks like it's tuned to about 200MHz. This tracking thing always seen to be done with such an aerial using similar or lower frequencies. The result is that the tracking aerial can only be a two, three, or four element, so it has very poor directional characteristics....
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Bill Wright[_3_] January 20th 18 04:36 PM
In the fifties and sixties people often had the wireless next to the telly. In fact usually the wireless had been in place for many years, and so when they got a telly they naturally put it adjacent. Often when we installed the telly we'd notice that the wireless aerial was notheing more than a bit of wire staples up a door frame and along the picture rail. Standard practice (as a good turn...
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David[_14_] January 20th 18 11:15 AM
There is much talk about the shuffling of muxes and fitting of filters to allow use of some current TV frequencies for mobile phones. This led me to wonder: If the signals are being picked up by TV aerials can you use a TV aerial to boost your mobile phone signal? If you have to fit a filter to keep mobile signals away from the TV, could you fit a splitter to pick up the mobile phone...
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Brian Gaff January 19th 18 05:06 PM
Beware of the goats. Apparently somebody decided it would be a great idea to get some goats in at a remote place in the Yorkshire dales )According to a guy being interviewed on the radio a few days ago), but although this helped keep the bracken down, the goat also managed to eat right through their television aerial cable which was mounted atop a telegraph pole on the scrubland where the...
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Phi January 17th 18 08:03 PM
Dash seems to have made a positive difference to my BBC viewing on iPlayer.
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Graham.[_12_] January 16th 18 02:18 PM
https://www.flickr.com/gp/g3zvt/8149Q9 -- Graham. %Profound_observation%
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Max Demian January 14th 18 11:49 AM
It looks as if BBC Four HD (Freeview 106) is moving multiplex: http://www.a516digital.com/2018/01/freeview-changes-for-bbc-four-hd-and.html Unfortunately http://www.terrestrialtv.co.uk/ is offline so I can't confirm the details. According to the first website, it's already available (from Jan 11) and the current arrangement will cease after Jan 17 - the EPG says "BBC Four HD has moved" from...
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Phi January 10th 18 10:54 AM
Had a little box pop up whilst watching BBC1 iPlayer stream this morning showing this label: 2.16 30 1839433.u 5166kbps | dash (mf_bidi_https) | b09prpbk | 1280 x 720
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Brian Gaff January 9th 18 06:44 PM
As soon as normally normal sane people learn you know abit about electronics, yes even if now you are blind like myself, they ask you impossible questions about things that happen to their devices. So I was at a meeting today, and somebody asked me. My new TV keeps making a screeching noise and the picture freezes what is wrong with it? I mean do I look like I have a crystal ball. I mumble...
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Brian Gaff January 8th 18 08:47 AM
Has tv drama decided to record all dialogue as mumbles? I was watching the box last night to see what was on and something on bbc 1 which I'm assuming was a drama seemed to have all the dialogue mumbled. At first I thought it was my ears, but no, I could hear other channels dialogue fine. I've noticed this on and off before. One cannot even blame music or sound effects. its just low level...
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Woody[_5_] January 6th 18 08:39 PM
Greetings all, I need a blue CEE17 (BS4343) mains inlet connector (i.e. a trailing socket) with 90deg cable entry. I have seen these often on the continent but not in this country - save for a connector with rear 2-pin outlet from Towsure. We have just got a new caravan with a stand-alone mains inlet under a flap. With a conventional 'long' socket the flap sits at near horizontal and is...
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Brian Gaff January 6th 18 04:26 PM
Would you go for Freesat or Freeview? I'm in two minds, of course many sets do have both, but it is attractive to not have to worry about constant retunes, and presumably the audio description side works very much the same way, as would the program guide from the other source. Some channels are different but in the main the ones which are are the also rans. Has anyone tried AD or speaking...
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Bill Wright[_3_] January 4th 18 06:23 PM
On 04/01/2018 16:41, harry wrote: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/01/02/germany-to-begin-enforcing-hate-speech-laws-on-social-media-sites/ Having imported thousands of rapists/murderers, Merkel wants to stop Germans bitching on about it. It's Goebbels, although we all knew who you meant. But yes, the German government are going back to the traditional mindset that has always beset...
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Bill Wright[_3_] January 4th 18 05:52 PM
Today we had a customer who said that iPlayer wouldn't work on his Polaroid TV without an aerial being connected. Sceptical, we tried ourselves. He was right. Every other catch-up service worked but not iPlayer. When iPlayer was attempted a message came up saying that the aerial had to be connected. Paul googled and found this: It's a quirk of Vestel's software apparently, so as well as the...
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WCZ[_5_] January 2nd 18 09:30 AM
Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting intermittent picture breakup on all channels carried by the CH60 mux on the Oxford transmitter. Tele and both PVRs attached to it are affected and looking at the signal stats when the picture is breaking up I see good signal strength but the signal quality is all over the place. I've not added anything new to the setup in months and it...
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Brian Gaff December 30th 17 12:01 PM
I'm talking the cd sized discs you used to get that were gold in colour, but had one big video track and a couple of normal audio tracks. IE its not a DVD or a Philips laserdisc as such, though I'd imagine it was using the same tech as Pioneerr combination players seemed to play them and some computers of the Amiga type did as well but that might just have been software. On a pc it shows...
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Phi December 30th 17 10:25 AM
The sound spectrum of this CD seems extraordinarily broad. Would this have been a special recording setup (sound track of video programme production) ? as many of my other CDs (Orchestral) appear to be quite narrow in bandwidth by comparison.
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Jim Lesurf[_2_] December 29th 17 05:36 PM
I've just had a look at the data streams from our local TX. The SD muxs give a specific value for guard interval and transmission mode. But the HD lists 'AUTO'. So what are the actual times for the guard interval and symbol lengths these days for HD DVB-T2 in the UK? Jim --
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[email protected][_2_] December 29th 17 01:01 PM
Hi All, Have been having problems with the BT Youview box falling off the digital cliff (audio and video stuttering / breaking up / dropping out) for the past few weeks. Worse in stormy weather. We are about 18 miles nearer the coast than CP (Horsham). Is anyone else suffering similar? or is it time to call on the services of ye olde aerial rigger? TIA
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Indy Jess John December 28th 17 04:38 PM
On 27/12/2017 16:23, Peeler wrote: On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 10:51:40 +0000, Indy Jess John wrote: On 26/12/2017 22:40, James Wilkinson Sword wrote: On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 22:32:14 -0000, Indy Jess wrote: On 25/12/2017 23:09, James Wilkinson Sword wrote: On Mon, 25 Dec 2017 23:02:43 -0000, Indy Jess wrote: On 25/12/2017 21:05, James Wilkinson Sword wrote:
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Peeler December 27th 17 09:01 PM
On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 17:10:44 -0000, Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson"), the pathological attention whore of all the uk ngs, blathered again: Why did he specialise in insecticides? Was it a particularly bad school for cockroaches? Maybe he cycled to school past farms and got ill. Driveling idiot!
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Brian Gaff December 27th 17 10:45 AM
Has probably deliberately been winding me up as several folk over there do not like AD subtitles or in the case in point, signing. The problem as I see it from reading some web sites is this. If bandwidth were not an issue, it would be easy to add a signed video track to the output of a channel and hide it when its not wanted, but because these days at least, bandwidth is seemingly cut to...
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Mr Pounder Esquire December 26th 17 02:32 PM
Don't know where else to ask. I have been given a iPhone 4. The power button does nothing at all when pushed, so I tried the trick in the below link. It did not work. Skip to 1.49 secs in. Yes, I can see the reasoning here. However, when I push the power button I expect to see something move to make contact. Nothing does. And yes, I did try a spot of WD40. Is the power button broken or am I...
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Phi[_2_] December 25th 17 07:58 AM
You attempted to log in 3 times without the correct password, what is so sacred about BBC I wonder,
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Bill Wright[_3_] December 24th 17 08:43 PM
What are the parameters that set the speed of electromagnetic transmission in a vacuum? I've googled everywhere but I can't find the answer. It's easy enough to find the figure but WHY? Why not 29,979,245.8 metres per second or 2,997,924,580 metres per second? Bill
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David[_14_] December 22nd 17 04:55 PM
Prices from Amazon: Amazon Video £7.99. Blu-ray £11.99 DVD £15.85 O.K., the DVD is not directly from Amazon but the other two are and they are all on the same page.
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Yellow[_3_] December 21st 17 05:23 PM
Heads up! Just turned on my Fire Stick to be asked if I want to install Firefox or Silk which would then allow me to continue to use youTube. I have gone for Firefox and it works lovely.
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Mark Carver[_2_] December 21st 17 09:19 AM
Anoraks on everybody, this should keep such minded folk busy ! http://tx.mb21.co.uk/gallery/xmasquiz.shtml To enter, please email your answers no later than 1 January 2018. The entrant with the highest number of correct answers will win a lovely tub of xmas choccies from Amazon. Editors' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Consolation prize of one festive garden...
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Bill Wright[_3_] December 20th 17 08:35 AM
Afflicted by post-procedure pain I tire of the gradually brightening ceiling and wearily put the telly on, at 7.50am, seeking diversion. BBC1 has a brown alpha-female (called 'nagger' apparently!) and a subservient white male wimp. They introduce a silly but seemingly harmless item about a dog that is pampered excessively. The dog's owners turn out to be two homosexuals. The next item is...
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Pinnerite December 19th 17 07:38 PM
My wife has two matching ovens stacked one above t'other. Last week the upper one went 'bang' and took out the circuit breaker. Restored, that oven appears dead as the proverbial Dodo. I checked the 'easy-to-get-to' things from the front but now I have to take the whole thing out to get to the back. As it is relatively high off the ground I needed something to perch it on. I think I have...
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Chris Green December 19th 17 11:53 AM
Bill Wright wrote: On 19/12/2017 09:26, Brian Gaff wrote: Really my head seems a very poor place to store passwords, or rather which password is for which service. I mean password, fred 1234 and forget-me-not and possibly pets names are not suitable passwords. Shame that. Brian
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Chris Holmes December 18th 17 10:34 PM
Could it be our very own Bill Wright? I think the reference to Emley means it must be!
19 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] December 18th 17 08:37 AM
My friends in the aerial rigging trade are remarking on how slow it is. How things have changed! In the 70s everyone wanted to get a colour TV and many of them decided that the lead-up to Christmas would be the time. The rush started on October 22nd, which was the date when ITV used to crank up their Christmas promotion, and also the approximate date when the winter quarter started. So ITV...
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David[_14_] December 17th 17 04:17 PM
I have been chasing my tail on t'Internet trying to track down where Rogue 1 is showing (if at all). I would have thought that with the new Star Wars release it would have been all over the place but I keep seeing references to it being on Netflix in July 2017 then nothing. The link for Netflix returns a 404. I realise that I can by the DVD but I would like to use an all inclusive service...
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Clive Page[_4_] December 17th 17 10:59 AM
We get junk calls on our landline every day or so. Mildly annoying but not yet enough to actually spend money on trying to thwart them. In the past they have usually been from "Microsoft Security Department" or else "BT broadband security" or something computer related. But for the last few weeks most calls have started by saying something like "It's about your television service - you are...
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Peter Crosland December 17th 17 09:12 AM
Claims to give cable TV for free in the UK. Oh yeah! http://thefoxinsider.com/page1/topgadgets/uk/tfi_uk1_tvf_gg/?c=477&key=5b40cc09da5f9f758b2c7b0bf12261cb&t=94e655045539d2d41749b84aac7c80de&creative=DUK -- Peter Crosland Reply address is valid
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David[_14_] December 16th 17 03:15 PM
We have a UE22H5600AK Samsung TV. It is "smart" and has the multi-colour logo button on the remote control. Now you are supposed to be able to do all sorts of clever things like playing videos from your phone or tablet, and I am trying to do this but it isn't working very well. The Samsung app on the tablet can work as a remote control.
16 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi December 15th 17 08:09 PM
Wednesday BBC2 The camera view could only incorporate 3 members of each team at one time, the fourth person was out of shot. Strange
8 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi December 15th 17 02:12 PM
Kodi has been the subject of controversy for some time, and addon repository TVAddons has, in particular, been criticized from many quarters. Having recently announced that it will no longer proactively check for pirated content, TVAddons is suggesting that there's a very good reason to use Kodi addons to stream online content -- security. The site says that one of the reasons Kodi is so...
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Brian Gaff December 14th 17 05:09 PM
I notice over the last couple of weeks that channel volumes on the freeview stations are drifting more and more apart. Have the recently got rid of all sound engineers or is this another case of who cares its only the telly? Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
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Davey December 14th 17 05:05 PM
BBC1 is showing on Monday in the mid-afternoon slot, a new episode of Father Brown. It is marked as 1 of 10, and the title has not appeared before, as far as I can see. So far, so good. On Tuesday, there is another 1 of 10, but this time one that has been shown before. So what is coming on Wednesday? No Father Brown, but Raiders of the Lost Ark. Makes sense to somebody, I'm sure.
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Jim Lesurf[_2_] December 12th 17 10:33 AM
In article , Woody wrote: Hold a bright LED torch behind the card and you can see the chip - very often in the lower right when the card is viewed from the front. A 2mm drill through the chip will kill it completely. Is it established that this does not invalidate the card or cause it to cease working via contact?
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Kenny December 11th 17 08:41 AM
Bravia 4K 2015, bought 2016, Screen Mirroring/Miracast not working right, I think it was a recent firmware update caused it though it always seemed a bit iffy. Laptop sees the TV and the desktop appears on TV but it seems to freeze there, doing anything on laptop is not followed on TV. It may appear 5 minutes or more later but slow and jerky. Mobile phone which connected to TV before now...
10 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff December 8th 17 05:02 PM
In other words. I've not been near their site for nearly a week this morning two emails come through and I've been given a gift for Christmas. A free month of prime. I don't want Prime I never asked for it. So being the careful person I am I did not click the link in the offending emails, I went to my bookmark in firefox. Sure as they said I have been enrolled. So why? Seems totally random, but...
21 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
TonyGamble December 8th 17 03:52 PM
The YouTube app on the Amazon Fire TV is not going to work after the end of this year. What do the folk who use it around here plan to do? Does one load a third party app on the Fire TV or bin it and buy something like a Roku? When I did my research a couple of months ago the spec of the new Fire TV was better than that of the Roku - but without YouTube I guess I'll rarely use it. Tony
19 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] December 7th 17 09:43 PM
I watched that programme last night, the one on BBC1 about the teenage boy who seemed to be a girl in a boy's body. It was a very moving programme, but that's beside the point. There were lots of outdoor shots, and trying to be atmospheric and show what a **** tip Co Durham is (when you're a meeja person) there were shots of the huddled-together rooftops. I froze the frame a few times and...
24 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff December 7th 17 03:26 PM
Apparently the lady presenting the weather the other night only had one arm. I'd never have known from the voice...:-) I mean is this really that unusual? Not everyone is the same after all. Ask the same person what the forecast said they could not tell you as they were too busy worrying about her missing arm. Oh dear. Brian
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Indy Jess John December 6th 17 11:45 AM
On 06/12/2017 09:51, Brian Gaff wrote: However mysterious cock ups do often creep into programs like TV aerials in period dramas etc. My favourite was Miss Marple walking along a supposedly 1950s street and in the background was a cottage with UPVC double glazing. Jim
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Graham C December 5th 17 11:00 PM
On Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:01:50 +0000, Bill Wright wrote: On 22/11/2017 09:10, Brian Gaff wrote: Sadly since they work on all or nothing principals its hard to judge as the only power control they have is on and off cycles. Magnetrons are not very easy to adjust the power of. I thought the inverter ones could adjust the power. My micros don't
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 06:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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