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larkim Yesterday 11:36 AM
The last few cars I've owned have had the dotted area around the rear view mirror, and the handbooks have said that this is specially designed for toll tags etc. I've now got a toll tag, and duly stuck it in that place. But what is special about those dots and why do toll tags have to go there? Do they "power" the RFID chips in any special way, or is it just about shielding the tags from...
3 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bob[_12_] Yesterday 09:34 AM
The PVR is a Humax PVR Fox T2 and there are a number of programmes on it that I wish to keep for posterity. I tried to copy them to a Seagate USB drive but whilst it 'saw' the drive it would not write the files to it as the format was 'not compatible'. The drive is Seagate is NTFS format and readable/writable through Windows and Linux OSs so what format do I need, please, to copy files to...
12 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Vir Campestris October 15th 17 08:06 PM
.... a thought from the other thread. Now that DTV is getting bitrate squeezed enough to be annoying, and we don't want a satellite dish on our thatched roof - are the live BBC/ITV streams good enough to be watchable? What bitrate are they? Andy
10 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
sintv[_2_] October 15th 17 04:47 PM
Ive had 2 recent customers complaining that their Freeview reception had gone. One had a loft amp and the other had a masthead amp in the loft, with both aerials in the loft. Initially I changed amps and PSUs but this made no difference. Luckily the signal was high so I put in a splitter. This cured both problems. I suppose some kind of interference (4G?) is responsible but if anyone has...
11 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_14_] October 14th 17 06:07 PM
Tidying(ish) the loft I came across a very nice NAD FM stereo tuner. Put into storage during a house move and never taken out again; I don't even have an FM aerial although IIRC I have previously had one since the 1970s. If I want to listen to the radio at home then I can use the Internet (e.g. iPlayer) or for many radio stations I can use FreeSat or FreeView. So is there any real use for a...
64 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_14_] October 14th 17 03:51 PM
I started a Google search but didn't get a final answer. Suggestions are about 10p per day extra if it uses an extra kilowatt. Depending on how long it is on per day. £36.50 a year, then. If it comes out at around £55 per year extra over a new LCD TV and a 42" TV WITH EQUIVALENT PICTURE QUALITY!! would cost around £550 then it would take 10 years to get the cost back. Given that the...
20 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
NY October 12th 17 11:07 AM
This is probably a weird, obsessive question... I've noticed that if you see a programme from a tape archive (eg BBC's Windmill Road) with burnt-in timecode, the TC often begins at 10:00:00 rather than 00:00:00. An example is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf3zE0x_dkI Is there a reason why they chose to begin the TC at a "zero" of 10:00:00?
28 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
TonyGamble October 12th 17 10:31 AM
I've had some helpful advice regarding Firesticks and the alternatives. Thank you. I now need an HDMI switcher so I can alternate between one of the new Firesticks (being launched 25 Oct) and my Humax Freesat PVR. I did have an HDMI switcher for the Humax and my Sony DVD player but abandoned it. The problem was that when I switched on my plasma it seemed to need what I'd best describe as a kick...
30 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Pinnerite October 11th 17 09:04 PM
It is not often that I point a soldering iron at anything but I wanted to add a switch and an LED to a battery powered function generator about the size of a fat credit card. I decided a strip of Vero board would do and had a few scraps from the early '70s. We use to use lead/tin solder but it appears 'elf-n-safety abolished that. The first thing was which way round to connect an LED. I...
10 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff October 10th 17 07:11 AM
Why is it that many channels do no audio description at all, when others seem to do most obvious things? I am always being told by rnib how good the AD is now with 'many channels doing more than 20 percent of their output. However Sony and CBS and some other channels never do any at all. After all Sony Movie channel often put out movies which I know had AD in the cinema, so what is stopping...
30 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff October 10th 17 07:07 AM
Seems to me that ever since the commercial channels were allowed a bit more advert in the hour and no restriction on when they appearr, many of the longer shows such as Marple or midsummer Murders etc, carry few near the start but pack them in every five minutes near the end, completely ruining the plot flow. Then they have the nerve to plug the itv hub paid for option where you can watch...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] October 9th 17 03:00 AM
I haven't seen any. Seems odd. Bill
24 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Johnny B Good[_2_] October 9th 17 02:23 AM
I noticed an update to get_iplayer v3.03 had shown up in my overdue list of updates waiting to be installed into LM17.1 shortly after reaching a point in my 3 week long transcoding of mpg to mkv odyssey a couple of days back so decided to take the opportunity to close the winXP VM and all the open applications to reduce the risk of update induced screw ups and okeyd the update process. This...
30 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] October 8th 17 06:57 PM
It's nearly dusk. It's been a very still day, and it's very quiet now. The turbines stand idle. The hens have gone to bed. I'm up the ladder painting the barge boards. Dozens of ladybirds land on the wet white gloss and get stuck. Red with small black spots, red with medium black spots, red with black spots so big the red is almost completely obscured, black with red spots. They struggle,...
18 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Pinnerite October 8th 17 02:04 PM
According to The Sunday Times Culture's TV listings, the film 'Seven' is due to be broadcast on ITV4 at 10 pm on Monday 9 October and at 11:20 pm on the same channel (24) on 14 October. Neither show up in the listings on my MythTV-Freeview-T2-compliant computer. Anyone know why not? -- Mageia 5.1 for x86_64, Kernel:4.4.82-desktop-1.mga5
13 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] October 7th 17 02:29 PM
Does anyone have a source for up to date info about this? I know things have changed in recent years. Bill
8 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
TonyGamble October 7th 17 02:17 PM
We are now spending more time watching YouTube than BBC or ITV. I can feed it to my Panasonic plasma with either my Humax HDR 1105 or my Amazon Firestick. The former is hard wired to by broadband and the Firestick relies on the WiFi from my router. First problem is that neither support HDCP 2.0 and that is what I need to rent an HDTV from YouTube. Second is that both suffer from delays when...
37 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Ian Jackson[_7_] October 6th 17 12:52 PM
This should be fun. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/the-latest-idea-from-a-brexit-o fficial-replace-eu-safety-checks-with-amazon-reviews-a3650231.html http://bit.ly/2yrE0Ia -- Ian
40 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Pinnerite October 5th 17 08:17 PM
I need to partially rewire my apartment. I am tempted to replace some old double-switched sockets with those that incorporate USB sockets. Some are described as Switched USB Socket 13A 2-gang + 2 USB. Can I assume that the USB sockets on these are actually switched and carry no current until a plug is inserted? If you have any experience of these things I would appreciate the benefit of...
24 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff October 5th 17 04:11 PM
I was just musing over the current trend to watch on demand and was wondering what this will do to live events. after all in the old days people could watch most stuff live but nowadays its often a pay to view for sport or some other event, and thus nobody will want to talk to their mates as one will no doubt spill the beans about what happened in the latest instalment of something or sport...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi October 4th 17 09:09 PM
The same programme with that awful Sugar fellow on BBC1 and BBC2 simultaneously (series 13.1 'Burgers)
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
BrritSki[_3_] October 3rd 17 08:31 AM
I just went to look at what rugby was on in the next week. Previously the search function would let me choose SPORTS and then RUGBY and would show me everything in the listings. Now those options are gone and I can only search for a specific program title (searching for RUGBY only shows me titles that start with that word, not every title that contains the word(. Any suggestions please ? TIA
0 uk.tech.tv.sky (Sky Television)
Bill Wright[_3_] October 3rd 17 04:08 AM
Hello? Hello? Hello, my name is Karen. The government are giving grants for home improvements to people who are on benefits. Is there anyone in your house who receives benefits? Yes, both of us. What benefits do you receive? Well, the fact is... I'm not sure I can tell you... I need to know what benefits you receive. OK, well, thing is like, it's a special payment for people who have
45 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Roderick Stewart[_3_] October 1st 17 10:52 AM
On checking my VDSL modem uptime today, I see it has maintained a solid internet connection for exactly 100 days, the longest it has ever managed without a reboot (usually around 3 or 4am). I feel I ought to celebrate, but I'm not sure what would be best. There is a more recent firmware version for it, and I was considering updating it, but the foregoing looks like a very good reason to...
3 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff October 1st 17 07:59 AM
I could not see it but I heard it, are they really saying that all the military are now going over to X Box controllers for their cheapness? Weird man. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi October 1st 17 07:43 AM
https://arstechnica.co.uk/gadgets/2017/09/marseille-mcable-gaming-edition/ No comment.
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Dave W September 30th 17 10:43 PM
Joan, I didn't manage to fit in a visit to the Ashley church jumble, but I did investigate various things you told me. The church has just one disabled bay for "Church Visitors", so maybe not for jumble sales. All bays are private. I went into the closing-down shop. One of the men kept shouting at the top of his voice "everything half price". I bought you a pack of the tall pots
8 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 30th 17 08:46 AM
I was pondering something the other day about the use of bandwidth and how hard the transmitters had to work. In the old analogue days where a single channel took up a whole 8 meg chunk, much of the time being AM the transmitter was not working that hard, but today as they are multiplexes and tuning over them with an analogue radio shows the whole 8 megs to be basically a broadband constant...
83 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] September 29th 17 02:50 AM
Apparently shock waves can travel trough the air at speeds exceeding that or normal sounds. In that case, if an electromagnetic shock wave was generated could it travel faster than the speed of light? Bill
58 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 28th 17 01:13 PM
I only watch certain BBC programmes on iPlayer through a browser. I have noticed recently on the pre-schedule page listing recent programmes, there are none displayed that I have watched. I can't think they are that sophisticated, because they can't remember that I have a licence.
7 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
larkim September 26th 17 12:49 PM
Even accepting that I rarely watch the BBC local news coverage, it irritates me that so long now after HD was more or less fully deployed the BBC still doesn't do regional broadcasting in HD. When will this ever arrive!!??!?
109 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Andy Burns[_12_] September 26th 17 08:02 AM
On BBC Business Live, they seem to like showing a web browser scrolling through e.g. newspaper articles, complete with whatever adverts happen to get displayed in their browser. Haven't they heard of adblock, or considered zooming in to just the articles text/image column rather than the whole page? Maybe Biddy Baxter could advise them on obscuring brand names?
16 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
PeterC September 26th 17 05:28 AM
For the last few days Channel 5 HD hasn't been on Freesat's EPG. It's there for 4 - 5 days but not for days 6 and 7. 5 SD is there but another 5... (can't recall which one) is also missing a couple of days. Anyone else seen this? It's a v. minor nuisance as I tend to go through the EPG for the day a week ahead. There's very little on 5 that's worth watching, mainly because the overall format,...
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 25th 17 05:17 PM
Seem to be flaky this last few days, taking ages to start andhaving drop outs for ever or just seconds. As I've said before their tv streams do not suffer and nor do other broadcasters audio streams even on ann Amazon Echo with limited cache. Of course they deny there is a problem, but its very odd that a friend on bt and I on Virgin both see this from time to time as if there was some kind...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] September 24th 17 02:55 AM
Antiference six element FM aerial. It was on my roof for a few years but now I've taken it down. Condition is perfect. Anyone got a use for it? Buyer collects. It comes into two halves easily for transport. Bill
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] September 23rd 17 06:41 PM
Does anyone know where I can find a map showing where all the phone lines go; the routes from the exchanges to the premises and/or the streetboxes? Is there a UK newsgroup that discusses such things? Bill
39 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 23rd 17 07:29 AM
I do wish some organisation would come in and enforce some kind of standard on levels of the sound on freeview channels. I know this has come up beforebut they reall are all over the place and its not just compression differences as you can often hear limiting on some of the conten of the quietest channels. And as for the radio its always louder and some are very very loud. If levels and...
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 22nd 17 07:39 AM
Is it me or do the BBC seem to have somebody putting lapel mikes on people in such a way that they all sound like they are muffled? I'm assuming its that type of mike as studio stuff sounds good still. Its obvious sometimes as you can often hear rustling from clothing. Weather presenters seem to be particularly affected recently. ITV seem not to have this problem. Maybe they have bought some...
0 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 17th 17 08:46 AM
When the Casini probe was due to crash into Saturn the news said it was running out of power in its nuclear generator. This was not only untrue, but other bbc programs like BBC Inside Science had got it right, saying it was low on fuel for the jets that pointed it when gyros were not suitable. I just wonder why they do not actually get an expert in for news reports when they are writing...
73 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_14_] September 15th 17 07:33 PM
I record the F1 GP on two boxes, the Virgin Tivo and the FreeSat Humax. In both cases FP1 stopped about 2 minutes in. On the Tivo it looked as though there should be about 1 hour 45 minutes but it wouldn't skip past the first couple of minutes. Has anyone else encountered this or am I the only one watching F1? Oh, FP2 was recorded O.K.
9 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Norman Wells[_6_] September 15th 17 02:23 PM
On past holidays in Spain I've taken a tablet computer and have been able to watch the good old Beeb on Filmon.tv. Now though it seems they've gone over to a subscription only model, which is over the top expensive for just a short break. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience of Mobdro or knows of any other alternative to get what I want which is mainly on BBC1? I don't really...
27 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 14th 17 07:41 AM
Many many years ago there used to be a catalogue company, whatever happened to that concept? Anyway, one of the devices they sold was tthe lcd lemon clock. It was basically a small lced clock with two prongs on it that you put into a lemon and the clock ran. Very silly idea. I'm not totally sure what made me remember this today. must be my age or something. Brian -- ----- -
13 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Bill Wright[_3_] September 13th 17 01:30 PM
It sounds so attractive! No power cord! Use it where there's no mains! But battery tools are rubbish compared to 110V or mains ones. Now I don't do site work any more I can buy mains powered tools, and what a revelation they are! Firstly there's the fact that a mains powered tool can cost less than a replacement battery. For instance a battery for my reciprocating saw would have been £120....
11 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 11th 17 07:01 AM
Does anyone else find this removal of words in various news items with just silence a bit annoying. its like one of those quizzes where you have to guess the missing word, in this case it was mostly **** and the f word I imagine but really, what is the point? There comes a time when a piece should be deemed simply unusable as the meaning is completely lost. it seems quite common on early...
4 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Yellow[_3_] September 10th 17 03:28 PM
A Christian couple are reportedly threatening to sue a Church of England primary school because it allowed a boy in their son's class to wear a dress. The family withdrew the six-year-old from the school and will now educate him at home, alongside his eight-year-old brother, who was taken out of school a year ago after a boy in his class also began to wear dresses. The boys' parents, Nigel...
8 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Eddie King[_2_] September 10th 17 10:20 AM
Hi all, could you please recommend a "budget" priced and reasonably accurate TV signal strenth meter for aligning aerials for terrestrial TV. All comments gratefully received. Many thanks Eddie King
14 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
[email protected] September 10th 17 09:24 AM
Just curious why the Great North Run, BBC1 is not in real time at the moment. Delayed by 10s according to its digital clock at the starting point relative to my small collection of radio controlled clocks at home. I think this is a bit too much to be accounted for by digital coding delays etc.
5 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Andy Burns[_12_] September 9th 17 02:14 PM
I'm aware that British and American sign languages are different, but in some of the press conferences from Florida urging people to evacuate the signing looks more like the All Blacks doing the Haka Someone trying to out-do Nelson Mandela's fake interpreter?
4 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Scott[_2_] September 9th 17 12:37 PM
Much as I enjoy winding up nuisance callers, I am now considering returning my phone service to BT so I can sign up for Call Protect. Any comments please on how effective this is? I just want to use the BT and personal blacklists (as I cannot block international calls and I am reluctant to block withheld numbers). I am interested to know how much the 'usual suspects' are successfully disrupted.
21 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Anonymous[_2_] September 7th 17 01:28 PM
Last night, I went to the Sky Store to download a film (Guardians of the Universe vol 2, as it happens). After entering pin, film was marked as downloaded. My internet access is of the order of 2MB/sec, which was why I was planning to start the download last night, so I could watch it today. There is no way it could have downloaded instantly. Looking at the information in the planner, it tells...
3 uk.tech.tv.sky (Sky Television)
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 05:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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