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Brian Gaff Today 07:55 AM
Has one of those old analogue Video sender devices, as up in the 800Mhz area I can often hear some sound from various sources, sometimes its foreign sounding tv, sometimes one of the Sky channels or a movie. I would assume whe this is illegal and may be interfered with by digital transmissions at some time in the fuuture. I wonder if they realise others can hear it. Not heard any video...
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David[_13_] October 25th 16 02:47 PM
All the DDoS attacks at the moment seem to be attributed mainly to Web Cams and DVRs. I can see that almost anything in the Digital TV arena now is likely to have an Internet connection for NetFlix, iPlayer and the like. What makes the DVRs a special case? Set up for remote control to schedule recordings when you are away from home?
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Martin[_2_] October 25th 16 11:58 AM
I finally bought a Roberts 93i Internet radio. I am pleased with it. I'll report back if it starts to have problems. I wasn't happy to find that BBC 3 is only transmitted to those outside UK with a low quality signal. How many pennies did that save the BBC? -- Martin in Zuid Holland
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Martin[_2_] October 25th 16 09:39 AM
https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/oct/25/york-minster-bellringers-archbishop-john-sentamu-explain-mass-dismissal -- Martin in Zuid Holland
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Graham.[_12_] October 24th 16 10:38 PM
https://youtu.be/T2oNculjoQc Be sure to follow both the links in the description. -- Graham. %Profound_observation%
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Alaric October 22nd 16 02:40 PM
I have an LG LCD TV set Model 32LF77** which has both Freeview and Freesat tuners and is almost seven years old. I bought an LG soundbar almost two years ago and until recently it worked just fine using an optical connection and the sound bar remote to control the TV on/off, the sound mute and the sound volume. Recently, however, after an auto-retune of the DVT channels the sound volume...
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NY October 22nd 16 01:39 PM
I've installed Getiplayer 2.97 which includes the text-based command-line backend and the web frontend. I've noticed that if I "record" (ie download) a programme and then delete it after watching, the actual MP4 files (and the associated SRT and XML files) are deleted, but the entry remains, greyed-out, in the Recordings list - see https://s13.postimg.org/wfp35or9z/Image1.png where all...
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 21st 16 01:19 PM
I remember ITN/TWW's live broadcast at teatime on the day of the disaster. A very snowy, flickering, picture; the reporter standing on the hill above where the school had stood, the camera panning across what looked like a moonscape. I wonder if that broadcast still exists. Bill
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Phi October 19th 16 11:31 AM
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 19th 16 02:30 AM
On 18/10/2016 12:19, Norman Wells wrote: The law, nevertheless, is on the side of those who suffer noise nuisance, not those causing it. The law is impartial. Bill
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Mark Carver October 17th 16 06:34 PM
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0031/92659/Maximising-the-benefits-of-700-MHz-clearance-Statement.pdf -- Mark Please replace invalid and invalid with gmx and net to reply.
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Woody[_5_] October 16th 16 11:52 AM
For anyone who did not hear it I would suggest digging in iPlayer for an interview done my Jon Humphrys on the Today programme Saturday 15/10/16 at a little after 08:45 (so running time of 1hr 45m or thereabouts.) It was with Professor John Goodenough of the University of Texas at Austin. He is the man who invented Lithium-Ion batteries and at 94 he still works every day at the University....
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Brian Gaff October 16th 16 11:46 AM
I've just invented these, they are at the level where they can get good views of the number plates for the apr system, so should aid motorway cops fine the transgressors. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 15th 16 03:16 AM
I just signed the petition "Allow the York Minster bell ringers to ring!" and wonder if you could add your name too. The more support we can get the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition he http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/allow-the-york-minster-bell-ringers-to-ring Thank you!
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 14th 16 05:53 PM
I have a hosepipe with a tap on the end, fed from a tap on the wall. If I turn the tap on the wall off and then turn the tap at the end of the hose on there a momentary surge of water. But if I turn a switch off that feeds a wire then connect a lamp to the other end of the wire the lamp doesn't glow even momentarily. Does this mean the water analogy has failed, or can the surge of water be...
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Brian Gaff October 14th 16 07:48 AM
On the mention of the bell ringers in the last thread, I was reminded of what has happened at this site, where a new 'guard' is in to handle the grants they got, and one of the things they did was to get rid of a lot of volunteers and shove a lot of exhibits behind glass and chuck out the local radio club and its vintage equipment exhibition from one of the huts. Seems corporate...
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 12th 16 03:00 PM
An elderly relative planned to live in France but the plan failed, for reasons that are irrelevant here. He had deposited E10,000 in Bank Agricole when his plan fell through. Three months ago he asked for the money to be transferred to his English bank. Despite repeated requests he is getting nowhere. The bank seems to ignoring him, or stonewalling him. Is there any organisation in the UK...
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Brian Gaff October 9th 16 07:27 AM
True Christmas is now broadcasting on Freeview. Isn't it great? No... I also noticed while flipping around last night that one of the jewellery selling channels has a programme called Chestnuts roasting on an Opal fire or something along those lines. Has that Bethlehem company started their selling yet on QVC? I'm sure Smoothe Christmas can be only a month or so away.
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Brian Gaff October 8th 16 07:51 AM
I have a very old denon one which has been in the wars since 1990 and it still works as does the unit its for. More recent tvs and set top box and cd players dvds etc, seem to have remote creeping death after a couple of years. When you open them up you find that the bit where the rubber buttons push down and short out the ridged bit on the pcb are either fully of slightly sticky particles...
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 8th 16 01:46 AM
On the left packaging 2002. On the right packaging 2016. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11023364/IMG_0938.JPG Bill
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 8th 16 12:40 AM
I have a fairly elderly Humax SD DTT box in the motorhome, for use when there are trees in the way of the satellite. This was the situation this week at Rowntree Park, York. The imbecile warden put us on a wedge-shaped pitch, then got us up the next morning to say we would have to disconnect the trailer because we were less than 6m from the hypothetical position of the van on the next...
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Jeff Layman[_2_] October 7th 16 08:50 AM
I just replaced my dashcam as the old one wouldn't loop record. Other than that it seemed ok, so I wondered about using it as a video camera as it has an "AV" socket. The Chinglish manual isn't much help. All it refers to is setting either PAL or NTSC, and 50Hz or 60Hz. So I set it to PAL and 50Hz. The camera didn't come with any video connectors, but I have a 2.5mm jack plug with a short...
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Benderthe.evilrobot October 5th 16 08:35 PM
Was she in one of the Riddick movies?
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tim...[_2_] October 5th 16 08:22 AM
"Martin" wrote in message ... On Tue, 4 Oct 2016 12:00:45 -0400, S Viemeister wrote: On 10/4/2016 10:16 AM, d wrote: Holland and the netherlands are interchangable terms in the UK in the same way that "america" substitutes for the USA even though it is actually an
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pinnerite October 4th 16 07:18 PM
Last night my wife got me to locate last week's 'Victoria' episode on ITV Player. It started well enough but after about 15 minutes it stopped. She blames me because I own the screwdrivers. :( -- Mageia 5 for x86_64, Kernel:4.4.16-desktop-1.mga5 KDE version 4.14.5 on an AMD Phenom II X4 Black edition.
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Brian Gaff October 3rd 16 07:22 AM
I caught part of it. It was about two towers used for communication but both also had visitor viewing and eating places near the top. What fascinated me was the various methods used to stop them resonating and falling over in winds etc. Everything from loads of weirdly shaped pieces, though very long tensioning wires to tanks of water at the top to slosh around and move about. I'd liked...
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Bill Wright[_3_] October 2nd 16 12:55 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcMwe7x2HJo Bill
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Davey October 1st 16 11:54 AM
The Channel 4 showing of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Qualifying today repeatedly showed subtitles as "saltire" for the spoken "soft tyre". This is not a normal mistake, so what's going on? -- Davey.
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Brian Gaff October 1st 16 11:08 AM
Recently I've become aware that radio phone ins are being sanitised far more than they used to be. Words like Bloody and crap are now not allowed and they don't even like you to mention Amazon either. However, on the telly, even before what is laughingly called the watershed, Bloody seems to be allowed as part of cockney speak, and the Moonbeam Song by Neilson is played on national radio,...
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[email protected] September 29th 16 10:14 AM
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tony sayer September 26th 16 01:14 PM
http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/moel-y-parc- transmitting-station--11936300 -- Tony Sayer
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NY September 26th 16 11:03 AM
There are various cases (eg A Family at War) where a series that was normally made in colour has some episodes that were made in black and white due to a technicians' strike. Would the programme have been made using the normal colour cameras and edited on the normal VTRs, but converted to monochrome as a protest when the master was made? Or did the strike-breaking technicians actually have...
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Brian Gaff September 26th 16 08:06 AM
I understand a leaked memo said they need more ethnic minority reporters as the percentage of ethnic minorities watching Look North has dipped to 37 percent. Maybe its just that their programme is crap of course, did they think of that? Grin. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
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Brian Gaff September 25th 16 08:48 AM
Is component tv/audio like we used to get for hi fi. I was reminded of this when I heard an advert by Samsung for their new range of TVs, all, apparently, having a nice voice on the menus and program guide to help the older person and those with poor sight use them. Ah the old grey pound wheeze again you see. I can only applauded them for it of course, but I got to thinking when I poked...
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Phi September 24th 16 12:52 PM
.....between two doses of Keith Richards' lost weekend on BBC4 today (sat)
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BobC[_3_] September 23rd 16 08:06 PM
Euronews seems top have disappeared from Freesat. I note that the Freesat Website no longer shows it as in their "News" lineup. No announcement, just disappeared. -- BobC ==========
26 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Adrian Caspersz September 20th 16 06:18 PM
I've just noticed a few entertainment shows (like Pointless, Dragon Den etc...) feature surround sound. Why? -- Adrian C
6 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Brian Gaff September 17th 16 05:50 PM
If you look at I player for bbc 1 and 2 you find an awful lot of the same things on both at different times. Seems to me that unless they have something to fill three channels, getting rid of the repeats and using the space for the bbc4 stuff would be a good idea. They could then use the extra bandwidth during the evening for something else like making local radio into stereo, perhaps. At...
26 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Peter Crosland September 14th 16 09:25 PM
I notice that flash is no longer needed for BBC sites. Long overdue. -- Peter Crosland Reply address is valid
18 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Woody[_5_] September 13th 16 07:47 PM
Looks like my Televes miniKom that I have used without problem for maybe a decade or more has given up the ghost. May just be the PSU but in case not..... Can anyone recommend a half decent low gain distro amp with F connectors and possibly separate UHF/FM/DAB inputs and 6 outputs preferably one at full gain. 6dB gain per output port will be more than enough. I am 28 miles from Emley and...
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Tim+[_4_] September 13th 16 07:26 PM
Our Humax HDR Fox T2 has taken to always showing the red button channel when turned on in the evening. This is particularly puzzling as it's set to NOT power down at night at the moment and I would expect it to just show the last channel viewed the previous evening. I am running the custom firmware but this is set to power up on channel 101. Any thoughts?
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Phi September 13th 16 12:08 PM
The BBC fell 10m short of the amount of money required to keep The Great British Bake Off, BBC News understands. The corporation is thought to have offered 15m per year to keep the programme on the BBC. That would have been double the amount the BBC currently pays for the show and its sister programmes such as An Extra Slice and the Sport Relief specials.
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Paul D Smith[_2_] September 12th 16 04:11 PM
Umm, I wonder if a nefarious TV show could send you a tone that kills your PVR. Perhaps embedded in an advert for the latest new PVR from insert manufacturer as a way to boost sales? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37337868
18 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Jeff Layman[_2_] September 12th 16 01:10 PM
Other than a short report on a single day's results, I can't find anything on the BBC text service about the paralympics in Rio. No medal table, for example. Maybe it's because it's Channel Four who are reporting on the Paralympics, rather than the Beeb, but why, when the Beeb went overboard with umpteen Red Button channels for the Olympics, and had pages of results on text, is there...
15 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
David[_13_] September 12th 16 11:42 AM
I am in the process of buying a new TV from Richer Sounds. Their phone based customer service is awesome; I rang on branch to check the dimensions but the queue was quite long so I rang another branch. The guy who answered the phone nipped onto the shop floor and measured the TV for me. I happily placed the order on line. A few minutes later the original store rang me back; they had noted...
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A.N.Other September 9th 16 10:41 PM
Hi all, I usually record C4HD on my PC via WinTV and a DVB-S2 card. For some reason, after the latest re-tune, I seem to have gained C5HD and S4CHD, but have lost C4HD. Has there been some kind of change recently? I have done re-tunes aweek apart, but it's still missing and am not sure how to proceed. TIA for any advice.
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Bill Ward[_2_] September 9th 16 08:52 AM
Can a PVR, VCR or TV be upgraded by having a new tuner fitted? -- Bill.
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Andrew Rowland[_2_] September 7th 16 08:44 PM
Been to a couple of houses recently surrounded on all sides by tall trees. One in particular was very keen to get Sky and we spent some time looking for locations where a dish might be able to peer through a small gap in the foliage. I used an inclinometer app on my phone, but found it next to impossible to hold it steady at 23.1° while sighting along it to see if we were looking at sky or...
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Phi September 5th 16 07:14 PM
Charging up lorries to ~10kV to repel boarders.
204 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
Phi September 4th 16 03:58 PM
2 uk.tech.digital-tv (Digital TV - General)
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Duncan Fitness May 24th 15 05:15 PM
I have only just got round to linking up my DVD player with TV and Digibox. Yes, A bit of a technophobe. But at 52 still willing to learn. Whilst watching the end of the Italian Job (again) I shut everything down . In the morning I find the digibox on standby , red button is flashing and a ticking noise (about twice a second) . I could not get the digibox to turn on (green light) for love nor...
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