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  1. FS: Anyone interested in a Tivo?
  2. ATTN Dylan30
  3. FA :Pace Puma (aka Twin Digital Recorder) freeview set top .
  4. Tivo, and Sky
  5. UK IR Blaster thing ?
  6. Channel 4 Schedule Change!!!
  7. Another C4 change
  8. pace twin
  9. What FreeView Box For My Computer?
  10. Recording subtitles on S-VHS
  11. Asus Digimatrix
  12. Bush 2871 NTX Problem
  13. angry email to pace
  14. Pace twin hint
  15. A new adage
  16. SKY+ HDD failure
  17. New PVR alert
  18. Sage TV Version 2 - anyone using it succesfully ?
  19. TIVO problem
  20. Very strange SFF box
  21. problem with snapshot capture
  22. We buy-back broken and damaged cell-phones of all brands. Thank you!
  23. Another interesting gadget....
  24. Speaking of mame on a telly
  25. Interesting site
  26. FAQ or site comparing available PVRs?
  27. Which PVR for ntl...
  28. Some interesting PVR clues
  29. Capture Card with RGB input?
  30. Pace to withdraw from Freeview market
  31. Tivo Updating Via Internet
  32. Thompson Twin Tuner Recorder
  33. Vhs to TV tuner card cable ?
  34. Sky+ Woes [long!]
  35. COMM: Customer Return TVs
  36. Start with the basics please
  37. Pace Twin and time problems
  38. Toshiba RDXs32 and Pace (telewest) Digibox
  39. Fusion FVRT100 an upgrade from a Pace Twin?
  40. Tivo Video extarction - without a Tivo! ?
  41. Tivo video extraction - without Tivo! ?
  42. Ripping the video from my tivo - is it easy?
  43. dish and lnb needed to receieve European SAT in the usa?
  44. More DIY PVR thoughts
  45. New A/V SFF from AOPEN
  46. MythTV problem - sound with live tv, but not not when recording
  47. Re: what hard drives for sky+ v2
  48. another turbonet card question
  49. Re: what hard drives for sky+ v2
  50. Re: Ripping the video from my tivo - is it easy?
  51. Re: More DIY PVR thoughts
  52. Re: Ripping the video from my tivo - is it easy?
  53. NASA'S MESSENGER Mission to Mercury: videos and new group
  54. Battery life of Archos AV340?
  55. TIVO: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  56. if money was no object which twin tuner???
  57. Re: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  58. Re: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  59. Re: if money was no object which twin tuner???
  60. Re: if money was no object which twin tuner???
  61. Best PVR for capture purposes...
  62. sff llow noise pc with a couple of slots...
  63. Re: sff llow noise pc with a couple of slots...
  64. Tivo+sky+freeview?
  65. Re: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  66. Re: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  67. Re: The question that nobody seems to ask.
  68. No one else make PAL TIVOs?
  69. reasons to keep a tivo?
  70. Pace update so it seems
  71. I cannot seem to find a Tivo to buy Anywhere in the UK!!
  72. New Channels
  73. Re: sff llow noise pc with a couple of slots...
  74. Re: sff llow noise pc with a couple of slots...
  75. Re: sff llow noise pc with a couple of slots...
  76. Pace Twin Software Why?
  77. Giving up
  78. Pace Twin Update - West Yorkshire
  79. UK listings using XMLTV - better way?
  80. Any Compro card users here?
  81. Pace Twin - now worse than ever !
  82. Humax 8000T Oh! dear!
  83. connection question
  84. Pace Twin (yet again)
  85. Humax 8000T buffering the radio
  86. Pace Fix
  87. using a tivo network card - how!
  88. using PC monitor to view HUMAX f2-foxt
  89. weird sound problem
  90. Pace Twin - or has it been superceded?
  91. What's best ?
  92. SKY+ Failed recordings
  93. VR 202/05
  94. Should I get Sky+ ?
  95. Humax win award at IBC
  96. DHD 4000 versus FVRT100
  97. Pace Twin PVR software update
  98. All-in-one Fusion (PVR, Freeview, DVDR)
  99. Do any Freeview PVRs connect directly to a PC?
  100. NTL Analogue PVR
  101. Humax "start recording now"
  102. Humax subtitles
  103. Fingers Crossed (Pace Twin)
  104. OT (slightly): New Sony DVD recorder with Freeview built in
  105. Re: Do PVR set-top boxes for NTL digital exist?
  106. Re: Do PVR set-top boxes for NTL digital exist?
  107. Anyone had the courage to do the Twin s/w update yet?
  108. Pace Twins September update
  109. Tivo/Thomson Scenium/NTL sound problem
  110. where to finf "tar" and "find" for Tivo series 1?
  111. problem installing/running mfs_ftp
  112. Archiving multiple Tivo recordings
  113. making MPEG 2 / MPEG 4 system
  114. Thomson DTH 7000/7500
  115. Cheap Fujitsu MHT2080AT
  116. Carried out the threat to return the Pace Twin
  117. PVR + Freeview receiver: build or buy?
  118. 8000T repeat timer problem
  119. TV / capture card recommendations
  120. Sky+ Upgrade Recommendations
  121. FS: Tivo
  122. Dumb Freeview PVR questions
  123. # Get FREE Sony VAIO, iPod, Xbox, PlayStation, or Cell Phone when you spend $40..!!
  124. 8000T software update - when?
  125. DialUp
  126. 8000T upgrade
  127. pvr mpeg to dvd
  128. DVD player+Harddisk+VCR+Dual Freeview receiver? Does this exist yet?
  129. Anyone tried MCE 2005 yet?
  130. Replacement Tivo remote from eBay?
  131. Digital PC Receiver/Recorder
  132. Re: Digital PC Receiver/Recorder
  133. Pace Twin audio
  134. Which free to air Sat receiver to use with Tivo?
  135. WinTV PVR 350 TV-Out
  136. Re: Building an SFF PVR - TV picture quality?
  137. MediaMVP Boxes
  138. Harddisk upgrades for FVRT100 or Thomson DHD4000
  139. Multimedia TV and Video
  140. Check this out
  141. Can an NTSC device be connected to a PAL TV?
  142. Humax PVR8000T and NTL
  143. What to buy?
  144. online film - poems of Robbie Burns
  145. PVR's and external sources
  146. Re: Pace twin gone bonkers
  147. Maximum HD size for a Pace Twin?
  148. Making you HDD quieter
  149. Humax ate my Foyles War
  150. Re: Pace twin gone bonkers
  151. NTL Electronic Programme Guide And Hard Disc Recorder
  152. DTT PVR recommendation
  153. HDRW720 vs NTL analogue
  154. Humax ate my Foyles war AGAIN!
  155. Re: Struggling with PVR 8000T update, would appreciate help
  156. Re: Struggling with PVR 8000T update, would appreciate help
  157. Re: I found this great little site (SPAM)
  158. Upgrading the Thomson DTH 7000 Hard Disk
  159. Anyone seen this PVR yet?
  160. GUI's for Avisynth
  161. Re: I found this great little ****e
  163. Time shared channels.
  164. Humax etc in Non Freeview Area
  165. Trip to Disney
  166. any good?
  167. website hosting
  168. PVR for dumbies...(well, me !)
  170. Anyone know a lot about Guide+ EPG ?
  171. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 350 + windows media centre
  172. Question about Fusion Freeview PVR
  173. Shuttle with ATI AWI, NTL box, problems connecting NTL RGB output to svideo-in
  174. Ticking noise
  175. Good software for very basic tv recorder
  176. TIVO: Can't delete a recording
  177. Changing NTL channels from PVR software
  178. Audio input to TV
  179. Toshiba TV instruction manual
  180. DTH7000 freeware available (copy, rename, delete videos...)
  181. Archos AV420 and Quintro switch box - help!
  182. Building a video jukebox
  183. Re: Min specs for pvr-350
  184. PVR Recommendations
  185. PVR choice - help needed.
  186. Top-up TV
  187. Schedule TV recordings over the Internet?
  188. looking at PVRs
  189. Looking for Documentary producing equipment.
  190. Humax PVR-8000T harddisk upgrade
  191. pace update repeated !
  192. No audio after installing WinTV USB
  193. Re: New toy!
  194. Re: New toy!
  195. Record using WinTV USB?
  196. Re: New toy!
  197. Good shell for pvr/mp3 system
  198. TiVo serial cable
  199. Mac Mini
  200. TWInfo: Telewest Releases Info on new PVR
  201. Re: Brand New Tivo for Sale
  202. humax pvr-800t reset remote
  203. Building new PVR Box
  204. Re: Tivo remote problem
  205. FA: Goodmans C210 10" Portable Colour Television
  206. Archiving PVR stored progs to HD instead of DVD
  207. Re: Screen is flickering
  208. TiVo utilities
  209. Adding a DVD Player to Freeview/VCR
  210. TV Tuners / pvrs
  211. Thomson DHD-4000 crashes when selecting Schedule
  212. Help please! Can't record from Digital Decoder/Hard disk recorder onto DVD Recorder
  213. OT : Streaming video feed (live) across home network - easy to do?
  214. If I ditched Tivo, what would I loose?
  215. S/PDIF switches off when silent
  216. Tivo AND Sky+
  217. TWInfo Exlusive! TW PVR Full Spec.
  218. Looking for advice - new TV / Sky / PVR / DVD setup ?
  219. NTSC to PAL converter
  220. box connection help please
  221. HDD PVR with analogue tuner that does pal g/b/i & secam?
  222. Converting dolby 5.1 on 3 stereo jacks to a pair of phono plugs
  223. Re: twin tuner PVR with useful API and USB socket
  224. Digital audio stopping whenever there is silence
  225. Apple to buyout Tivo ???
  226. Problems with my PVR8000
  227. Topfield TF5800PVRt (new PVR, launched in March)
  228. Humax PVR8000T - bad sector on disk...?
  229. PVR
  230. TIVO: ending a recording early
  231. Digifusion FVRT150... opinions?
  232. HOWTO: Freeview VDR
  233. making my tivo control my daewoo ds700t freeview box.
  234. LinuxTV
  235. Re: Interesting free PVR for windows
  236. Windows MCE and Sky (uk)
  237. edit facilities
  238. Q re Thomson PVR
  239. PVR Recommendation
  240. Multiple Inputs?
  241. HDMI to DVI-D ?
  242. What PVR's can write dual-layer disks?
  243. Analogue PVR's
  244. what is pvr? any tutorial?
  245. TV will die out if it doesn't become interactive
  246. PVR rocks
  247. LIRC config for NTL Samsung SMT-2100C
  248. Humax updates
  249. Any ReplayTV being used in the UK
  250. My Pace Twins has died